PASSPORTS- Through the Red Dot Into Other Worlds looks at transitions and transient moments… our connections to other places through the eyes of residents living in the tiny hub that is Singapore.

PASSPORTS- Through the Red Dot Into Other Worlds

The exhibition defies the navel-gazing that accompanies nationalism, and looks instead to cast our attentions outwards, spring-boarding from our little red dot into other worlds, be they on foreign lands, or fantastical realms.

Opened on the 7th August, the exhibition is a showcase of various Singapore artists, held in a restored shophouse in Geylang. Expect not just hanging artworks, but live performance and, light and video art.

Alex and Karen Mitchell, Attilo Rapisarda, Boedi Widjaja, Bruce Quek, Clayrene Chan, Danya Yu, Eugene Soh, Hilmi Johandi, Jacqueline Sim, Jill Pickering, Lorenzo Mariani, Low Seow Juan, Marina Fietta, Pang, Shaun-Joei Liew, Su-jin Ng, Tew Bee Lan, Timothy Xie, Yen Phang

EXHIBITION DATES: 7th to 11th Aug (Wed to Sun)
EXHIBITION HOURS: 2pm to 8pm daily

Address: Unit 11 Geylang Lorong 24A