Performance Art Resource Orchestrator is a cross-disciplinary platform; in collaboration with our partners Intersections Gallery, Zarch Collaboratives and Independent Archive & Resource Centre. We will be presenting an International Performance Art event from 7 to 9 July that features 23 performances by critically acclaimed artists from Bangladesh, Brazil. USA, Myanmar, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Italy and Singapore.

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Performance Art Resource Orchestrator is an artists-initiative who promote, research and develop innovative ideas and creative practices through performance art. Our objectives are to connect contemporary art performances with the society showcasing the diversity of ideas and art practices by artists from all over the world. It explores art activities that shape new perspectives of the urban living environment through looking at our culture and heritage. This is a rare exchange created by Singapore and international artists for the audience to encounter an out-of-ordinary live art experience.

6 July Thursday 2017. Starts at 6pm: Artist Talk on ‘What is performance art’ by Lee Wen

7 July Friday 2017. Starts at 6 pm: Performance art (Day 1)
8 July Saturday 2017. Starts at 12 pm: Performance art (Day 2)
9 July Sunday 2017. Starts at 12 pm: Performance art (Day 3)

Five performance locations:

1. Independent Archive & Resource Centre
67 Aliwal street Singapore 199942

2: Green field between Kandahar street and Sultan Gate

3. Baghdad street, Muscat street, Bussorah mall (pedestrian walkway)

4. Zarch Collaboratives
#4-00 Golden Mile Tower, 6001 Beach Road, Singapore 19958

5. Intersections Gallery
34 Kandahar St, Singapore 198892

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