A man dies

His widow grieves

His mother laughs out loud because to her, death is merely a joke

His 8 year old daughter wonders

“When is life worth living; when is death worth celebrating?”


Selected Accolades:

“… a sensation when it was first staged.”  – The Flying Inkpot

“…heartfelt, beguiling and magica… (its)…visual poetry will take your breath away.” – Rave of 2009, The Straits Time Life!

“…one of the most wondrous and poignant plays.” – Audience


The Spirits Play

Synopsis :

In The Spirits Play, five Japanese spirits – a General, a Man, a Mother, a Girl and a Poet – recollect their life experiences in the Second World War. They are thrown into turmoil in their attempt to understand the war and its atrocities that were inflicted upon them not only by the foreign enemy but also by their own government and army. A notable work in Singapore theatre, The Spirits Play poignantly depicts the agony, guilt and turmoil left in the aftermath of war.


Selected Accolades:

“… a haunting and skilfully choreographed anti-war work. One of Kuo’s darkest works… Chong’s revival is a skilfully choreographed and executed piece that will haunt its audience, even after the lights come back on.” – The Straits Times Life!

“… an excellent performance! … intense and … honest.” – Audience

“Oliver Chong presents war as an oppressive psychological nightmare… haunting.”



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Venue: Victoria Theatre