Singapore Biennale

2008 Singapore Biennale at the old Beach Road Camp. Photo by yeowatzup

My favorite time of the year is here! No, I’m not talking about Christmas. I’m talking about the Singapore Biennale 2011. Actually, it only happens once every 2 years however, the 3rd Singapore Biennale is a year late as the last biennale was in 2008. Anyway, it’s always better late than never right?

Titled “Open House“, this year’s biennale will be held at 5 venues scattered around Singapore. The 5 venues are, The Singapore Art Museum, SAM @ 8Q, National Museum of Singapore, Marina Bay and the one that I’ve been waiting for, Old Kallang Airport.

Singapore Biennale 2011 - Open House
Singapore Biennale 2011 - Open House

I have always been a fan of the Singapore Biennale and have attended every biennale since the 1st in 2006. I’ve always love to see how the artists and curators integrate art into our everyday surroundings. Especially the magic they create when they convert an old and dilapidated building into an avant garde art space.

Attending the biennale is also a treasure hunting experience for me. I love having to go from one venue to another to hunt down every art installations and artworks. My special memories of the biennales are the venues. The 1st biennale was held at Dempsey Hill, which used to be the Central Manpower Base of Singapore (“CMPB”) and former British army barracks. And my favorite venue for the 2nd biennale are the Old Subordinate Courts, The Old City  Hall and the old Beach Road Camp.

Space is such an important aspect for the artists as it allows them to explore their creativity. A large and raw space gives an artist plenty of creative freedom as they can manipulate the building without any fear of restrictions. Such as fear of destroying a fresh new paint job or disturbing the ambience of the surroundings.

After every biennale show, I yearn for more of such raw and energetic visual art shows. As said, I love how the artists and curators turn an old building into a hip and vibrant art space. Hence, I am looking forward to see how contemporary art will transform the Old Kallang Airport, a historic landmark in Singapore into an art venue. The grand dame had been pretty lonesome since it close in 1955 as an airport runway, and then in 2009, after the People’s Association move their headquarters out of the terminal building, hence I’m sure the biennale would bring some life to the building.

The Singapore Biennale opens this Sunday, 13th March to 13th May 2011. There’s no excuse not to catch the biennale since it runs for 2 months. As I am sure you will have more than enough time to catch all the art works by local and international artists.



Includes one-time entry to all venues, one complimentary Short Guide and one-time free audio guide rental at all venues.
– Adult $10
– Student $5
– Senior citizen aged 60 and above $5

Tickets are available at Singapore Art Museum and SAM at 8Q, National Museum of Singapore and Old Kallang Airport.

Free admission

  • To Old Kallang Airport and Marina Bay
  • Visitors aged 6 years and below
  • Local & PR senior citizens
  • Full-time NS men (NSFs)
  • Students and teachers from local schools

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