The last couple of weeks we have been dodging invites for art openings and slacking on our art news. Well, that’s because we have been working hard on our new homepage. Artitute has been around for slightly over a year and since we missed our 1st year birthday celebration, we decide to refresh the site to celebrate. Also, it’s about time to jazz it up a little.

Brainstorming a better site

And with a new look, we have also added in a few new features and shuffled a few things around. A friend described it to moving into a new home and having it renovated. How true.

FELLAS and CALENDAR are our latest features. Now you will be able to check out art events listing before we bring you the actual day coverage. Watch out for FELLAS, as we will be featuring more artists on Artitute. And we are sure you would like to find out more about Artitute’s daily life so we have added in our personal BLOG. A new section where our Lady Boss can bitch and gossip about her glamorous life as an Artist Pimp.

And with new additions, we have to do away with some features. Hence we are closing the SHOP.

At the meantime, we are still fixing a few bugs to tighten up the site. So please bear with us and we appreciate if you can drop us an email if come across anything funky happening on Artitute. Send the followings to ADMIN [AT] ARTITUTE.COM

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Enjoy the new look and remember to share our new site with your friends.