Steinway Gallery Singapore announced the launch of the Steinway Spirio in Asia, on 27th October at the Steinway Gallery at Palais Renaissance. Steinway & Sons is the manufacturer of the world’s finest pianos, and the Steinway Spirio is the latest product innovation from the company in over 70 years.

Unparalleled sound quality

Steinway Spirio is the product of Steinway & Sons’ partnership with Wayne Stahnke, building upon his decades of work as the world’s foremost innovator in the field of modern player pianos. Offering a top quality audio experience, the Steinway Spirio captures all of the colour and nuance of a live performance. The music is recorded in a proprietary high-resolution format to enhance the expressiveness and richness of the sound quality. The system’s superior playback results from the combination of numerous patented developments, including closed-loop proportional pedaling, immunity to varying line voltage, sophisticated thermal compensation, and proprietary high-resolution drive techniques.

“For over 162 years, Steinway & Sons has been synonymous with innovation and craftsmanship. The launch of the high-resolution Steinway Spirio player piano is yet another example of these qualities and allows us to connect the listener and the artist as only the world’s finest piano can,” said Darren Marshall, Chief Marketing Officer for Steinway & Sons. “Steinway Spirio technology has been engineered to meet our highest standards while creating a truly unique listening experience for all music enthusiasts, regardless of their own piano playing skills.”

Indispensable resource for music aficionados

Steinway Spirio features an integrated music catalogue with performances by over 1,700 Steinway Artists performing a wide range of genres, from classical to jazz, standards to contemporary. Its proprietary data format enables the Steinway Spirio to accurately reproduce the finest details for each artist’s performance. Additional software developments allow select performances by Steinway Immortals such as Glenn Gould, Sergei Rachmaninov and Art Tatum, to come to life on the Spirio, replicating performances of some of these artists’ most-loved pieces.

The music catalogue will continue to grow, with approximately 45 new tracks added on the first Friday of every month.

According to Celine Goh, General Manager of Steinway Gallery Singapore, “I see this as an important innovation that will open a new perspective on owning a Steinway & Sons piano. The Spirio will enable people with all levels of musical interest, from complete beginners to professionals, to enjoy the benefits of owning a Steinway piano and will appeal to prospective clients who previously may not have considered purchasing a Steinway piano due to their playing abilities.” Goh adds, “The Spirio can be seen as a cherished family member, conveying feelings and emotions through music into your home. Imagine bringing the vibrancy and atmosphere of a concert hall performance directly into your home.”

Further details and video demonstrations will be available at Steinway Spirio will be introduced in Asia through Steinway Gallery from October 2015.

About Steinway & Sons

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