Street photography has a long and glorious tradition in the history of photography. The best street photographs give the viewer of feeling as if they are “amidst” the street scene in the photograph. Images that are misinterpreted as lucky photographs are often the result of an attentive eye and preparation.


In this workshop, students will learn the specific skills involved in doing great street photography. These include how to work rapidly and unobtrusively in busy environments with minimal equipment and maximum adaptability. This workshop is designed for students who are eager to challenge their comfort zone, including response time and people skills, by shooting on the streets.

At the end of the workshop, students will be better at quickly analysing the quality and direction of light, framing and composing the image as well as anticipating the unfolding activity that they are photographing.

Established in 2003, Objectifs is a non-profit visual arts centre dedicated to photography and film in Singapore.

Taught by David H. Wells
GROUP A: 1 to 11 Feb 2017 (3 sessions)
GROUP B: 6 to 9 Feb 2017 (3 sessions)
Fees: S$250
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