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Boedi Widjaja: Drawing Cage


In this exhibition, Widjaja presents both new and some older works. Revolve around the concept of space and time, memories and displacement, and American avant-garde composer John Cage. [...]

“Dot Line Plane” Solo Exibition by Ms April Ng Kiow Ngor


Ms April Ng Kiow Ngor, Singapore's most esthablished print-making artist, spoke to Chee Wei teck on how she drew inspiration from the simple and seemingly mundane, and transforms them into abstract and imaginative landscapes by exploring the relationship between the dot, line and plane. [...]

Void & Void Decks: Chow Chee Yong and Tang Ling Nah


Presented by The Private Museum, VOID & VOID DECKS is the inaugural collaboration between two Singaporean artists Chow Chee Yong and Tang Ling Nah. Karen Mitchell had the chance to meet and interviews the artists for Artitute. [...]