Singapore rolled out its red carpet for a rendezvous with French Cinema at The Cathay Cineplex last night. Gracing the event was the lovely French actress, Ms Carole Bouquet. The 1981 Bond girl was flanked by some of the directors of the 16 French films, specially selected for the 1st Rendezvous with French Cinema in Singapore. Ms Bouquet is also here to present Carole Bouquet Retrospective, a showcase of 5 films starring the beautiful actress.

At the red carpet premiere held at The Cathay Cineplex, the film titled The Artist launched the French Film Festival. The Artist and other latest releases of French films are showing in Singapore, including a film by a Singapore co-producer. Meet the on-screen and off-screen people of the French film industry at the Societe Generale Private Banking 1st Rendezvous with French Cinema.

The Artist, French film
The Artist, French film

The Artist is different from the French films I have watched. It is in English. It is in the style of an old-fashioned black and white silent movie. The story is about American cinema, set between 1927 and 1931. And it was shot in the historical heart of Hollywood. It focuses on a declining male film star, George Valentin (Jean Dujardin), and a rising actress, Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo), as silent cinema grows out of fashion and is replaced by the talkies.

As Artitute’s Lady Boss pointed out too, the well known Hollywood actors in the cast, such as John Goodman, are not playing the main characters. The Artist is a visual experience. Mood is created by the actors’ body language (including the award-winning dog!) and the environment in the scene, complemented by “polite” music. Enjoy the (silent) tap dancing, the nostalgia and …… the little twist. A blend of silent movies such as Charlie Chaplin’s, and black and white Fred Astaire Hollywood musicals?

The French Film Festival promises to present a wide range of films, ranging from Comedy to Historical Drams. Also showing at the same film festival, Gibier d’élévage (Shiiku) is a film by producers from France, Cambodia and Singapore.

Gibier d’élévage (Shiiku), French film, by producers from France, Cambodia and Singapore
French film, by producers from France, Cambodia and Singapore

The first screening of the Société Générale Private Banking 1st Rendezvous with French Cinema starts today Thu 8 Dec 11 at cinemas you are familiar with. Interact with the directors of different styles and the internationally known actors.

We learnt that in France, “the Opposition” also supports the film industry. The French film industry has a stronger international presence than what some of us realise. If glamour entices Singapore’s audience to more varieties of media content, I say, bring it on. I believe many creative opportunities await Singapore’s media talents too at the corresponding program for the media industry.

1st Rendezvous with French Cinema

  • Venues: The Cathay , Golden Village Vivocity, Shaw Theatres Lido and Alliance Francaise Theatre.
  • Date: 8th – 11th December 2011
  • Tickets are available at the 4 cinemas’ box office. More information is available at the 1st Rendezvous with French Cinema official website.

1st Rendezvous with French Cinema was made possible by title sponsor Société Générale Private Banking and other generous sponsors.

Latest Update: The Artist will be screening at The Cathay and Cineleisure Orchard from the 22nd – 29th December 2011. Click here for screening dates and timing.

Co-written with Suzzana.