The People’s Association (PA) is taking the arts to the heartlands through several initiatives as part of its inaugural PAssionArts Month to be launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Sunday at Bishan Park and Teck Ghee Vista.

These initiatives aim “to bring out the richness of the community through arts and culture”, the association’s chief executive Yam Ah Mee said at a news conference on Friday, and hope to reach “Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday!”

Taking place over four weekends, residents in the heartlands can participate in more than 200 activities, and watch performances at community spaces like HDB void decks, neighbourhood parks and open spaces. These are produced by Singaporeans, for Singaporeans; and by residents for residents.

Music and dance performances, community sculptures, photo exhibitions and a community arts gallery are some of the highlights at this weekend’s four-hour launch. These activities are part of a lead-up to the PAssionArts movement in 2015 which will contribute to PA’s own Community 2015 of strengthening Social Capital and developing Singapore into “A Great Home and Caring Community”.

Mr. Yam Ah Mee (3rd from left) and community singers from Sembawang Division.

Community musicians from Teck Ghee Division.

Allen Wong, resident of Jalan Besar and a Saxophone enthusiast.

PAssionArts Month will see the pilot of Community Music Time. Community members will step out and perform music or sing in venues such as hawker centres, coffee shops and playgrounds.

Also to be launched is the Community Art Gallery that provides residents with a platform to showcase their artworks at community spaces such as void decks, lift landings and overhead bridges.

One of these galleries will be Singapore’s first arts bridge, which is located along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, and connects Teck Ghee neighbourhood to Bishan Park. The art bridge will display a series of photos titled “Laughing with My Neighbours” about bonding moments between residents.

The coffeeshop-style news conference captured the community atmosphere the PA hopes to see recreated with local breakfast and songs by community performers from PA’s various divisions.

For a full programme, go to or visit your nearest community centre to learn how you can participate.