At an exclusive, one-night-only cocktail event held at the Yang Gallery in Hilton Singapore on 23rd November, guests were treated to a showcase of opulent jewellery by Infiniti Jewels and fine art from the French artist Anton Molnar.

Infiniti Jewels

‘The Rouge Collection’ from Infiniti Jewel’s fine jewellery art series features a unique collection of Pigeon Blood Rubies from Burma and Mozambique.  Embodying an intense range of emotions, from love, strength to joy; red, the colour of fire and blood, is linked to passion, desire, courage, radiance, and determination. Not only a symbol of confidence and accomplishment, but red also conveys boldness, zeal and excitement.

Fleur Rouge, 1.07 carat Vivid Red Ruby

Nestled in this spectacular collection is Fleur Rouge, a 1.07 carat Vivid Red oval-cut ruby ring surrounded by brilliant white diamonds. Epitomising pure glamour, ‘The Rouge Collection’ is an Aladdin’s Cave of stunning stones set in masterful designs.


With three generations of family know-how in the diamond trade, Infiniti Jewels is able to source and select the best raw materials directly from mines and cutters, thereby offering clients exceptional quality. Their first-pick diamonds originate from mines in South Africa, Australia, and Russia, and are cut and polished by highly skilled craftsmen in India, South Africa, Belgium, Israel, Russia and the United States.

Saagar Mehta and Saahil Mehta, co-founders and directors of Infiniti Jewels

Through three decades of experience, Infiniti Jewels has come to specialise in wearable bespoke diamond jewellery. Presenting fine diamond jewellery customised for the discerning individual, they transform a client’s imagination into dazzling and unique pieces via a personalised jewellery design experience. Also available is an exclusive one-of-a-kind line of exquisite diamond jewellery. Infiniti Jewels’ fine jewellery redefines style and beauty with each piece representing a personal voyage that reflects the wearer’s sensitivity and elegance with grace and panache.

A client tried on one of Infiniti Jewels’ 5-carat diamond ring for size.


Ring, $525,000 Total ct weight – 4.59cts Centre Stone – Fancy Intense Pink Diamond 2.10ct Gold weight – 6.97 grams Total pieces – 135 Price – S$525,000


Fancy Pink Diamond Earrings, $20,000 Total weight – 7.77cts Total pieces – 402 pieces Gold weight – 15.47 grams


A client tried on one of Infiniti Jewels’ creation


Models showing off their exquisite jewels from Infiniti Jewels at Yang Gallery

Infiniti Jewel’s exceptional pieces can be viewed by appointment only at their private showroom in Tong Eng Building.


French Artist Anton Molnar (centre) together with Susanna Yang (right) and a guest

Velvet Traveling Diaries by Anton Molnar

Anton Molnar was born in Budapest in 1957 and spent his childhood in Hungary and Africa. Using his personal vision, culture and emotions, his art acts as a conduit to communicate the zeitgeist of the 21st century. ‘Velvet Traveling Diaries’ showcases his contemporary still-life paintings that fuse a modern approach with traditional techniques.

Velvet Traveling Diaries by Anton Molnar

Molnar’s art tells a story, each brushstroke combining to bring his concepts to life on the canvas. This story is an individual and unique one characterised by a wide repertoire, both in terms of subjects and styles, and we are invited to experience it by travelling through countries, eras and ideas.


The diversity and vibrancy of Molnar’s work can be attributed to him having lived in different countries and his extensive travels around the world. He considers his painting an extension of living. It is the language he employs to question himself and the times we live in. Molnar’s personality, that of a bon vivant and flaneur, shines through in his eclectic paintings. His flamboyant compositions lure the viewer in and a closer inspection is an invitation to connect with what we see. And as we construct our own narratives, we become not only protagonists in our own stories but also a part of the paintings.

Molnar’s works have been featured in important collections across Asia, America, and Europe and are collected by various organisations such as the LVMH Group.


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