One of UtterlyArt’s most popular artists, William Sim, launches his seventh solo outing from 4 to 12 November 2017, with his quirkily-stacked houses and improbable architectures.


The blueprints of William Sim’s annual showcase of HAPPINESS PRIVATE LIMITED 2017: MEMORY HOUSES presents a series of quirkily-stacked houses and improbable architectures in this year’s outing of watercolour paintings, with sculptures in conjunction with Lush Tan. The exhibition showcases exclusively at Utterly Art Exhibition Space20B Mosque Street (Level 3), Singapore 059500 from SATURDAY 4thNov to Sunday 12th Nov 2017.

About the show:
Casting adrift the concept of time and the laws of gravity, the range of unusual habitats presented in Memory Houses are at once real and imaginary, familiar yet curious. They are visual echoes of extant localities, a depiction of what exists only in the mind’s eye. Each of these houses stands in solitude on the outlying district of a fictitious suburbia, their sun-bleached roofs and walls coloured by the vapours of time, fond memories encapsulated within its compound.

Memory Houses is an attempt to playfully reconstruct some iconic houses found in Singapore and abroad. From stoic colonial architectures to traditional wooden cottages in mossy stone gardens, these deconstructed houses have a deliberate discordant quality in their formation. They invite you to flirt with danger by traversing stairs without railings or live in homes without demarcated spaces, private or public. Irreverent or unconventional as they may be, the houses impart a blissful serenity in their dreamlike quietude.

About the artist:

NAFA graduate William Sim is a partner at a visual arts studio. William has showcased his paintings in various group and solo exhibitions, mostly in Singapore and countries like South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He is the best-selling author of the adult colouring book Colouring the Lion City, published in Singapore.