With mentorship of Tony Perez, one of Asia’s best playwright and creative writer, this is one opportunity not to be missed for all aspiring playwright.

Writing from The Heart playwriting workshops
Writing from The Heart playwriting workshops

TheatreWorks is organising a 6-day interactive playwriting workshop at 72-13 this coming July. From drawing, dialogue and interpersonal interaction, these workshops are designed to enable participants to discover their inner self and creativity in exploring the basics of playwriting.

Venue: 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007

Registration Fee: $200.00

Open to participants aged 17 years and above

To register, email Ezzat at [email protected] or call 6737-7213

There are seven sessions throughout the week

Session Details:

Session 1, Introduction to Writing from the Heart

18 July 2016 (Monday), 7 – 10pm


Session 2, Strengthen one’s power of observation & creative visualisation

19 July 2016 (Tuesday), 7pm – 10pm


Session 3, Creating characters & dialogue

20 July 2016 (Wednesday), 7pm – 10pm


Session 4, Working with a premise; Creating a dramatic plot

21 July 2016 (Thursday), 7pm – 10pm


Session 5, Conceptualise & Visualise the theatre space

22 July 2016 (Friday), 7pm – 10pm


Session 6, Deconstruct, structure & restructure and shaping the Narrative

23 July (Saturday), 10am – 1pm


Session 7, Delivering Creative Group Dynamics

23 July (Saturday), 2pm – 5pm


Tony Perez is a renowned playwright, novelist, and visual artist with an M.A candidacy in Clinical Psychology. Both his highly acclaimed full-length plays Trip to The South and On the North Diversion Road were performed internationally in cities like New York, Melbourne and Singapore. Furthermore, he has already published more than 40 books (novels) in the Philippines, and he plans to devote the rest of his life to working on his new and forthcoming books online. His new published books online are accessible on his main blog site, http://www.tonyperezphilippines.blogspot.com.