Presenting more than 800 original works of art installed in guest rooms, X EDITION 2018 – Asia’s Largest Photography Hotel Art Fair, officially opens today with a VIP and media preview vernissage. Featuring contemporary photo art and some of the world’s best photo artworks from the world’s leading art galleries and international photo artists, guests at the vernissage included established art collectors, photographers, international art patrons and art lovers from around the region.

Curator and Founder of X Edition 2018, Billy Mork, says “For the past few months, my team and I have been working hard to put together a very special show and art fair for the public. We are thrilled to champion an activation of the photovisual arts form that has its own voice and life. We are also pleased to have some of the world’s best artists and galleries coming from all over the world to exhibit and anticipate for visitors to enjoy the unique and diverse pieces of photo artworks and talks presented at X EDITION.”

The highlight of the art fair includes an exciting speaker series line-up over the 3-day exhibition where visitors can learn more photo art techniques, new technologies and processes in today’s world of photography. Featured artists include Russel Wong, Stephen Schaub, Season Lao and Charlie Lim, among others.


 Russel Wong at XEdition 2018
Russel Wong at XEdition 2018

Russel Wong, a name familiar to a wide spectrum of those beyond the industry, is a celebrity photographer to movie superstars like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Tony Leong, Chow Yun Fat, Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh, Bruce Willis, Richard Gere, Tom Cruise, Joan Chen, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Michael Jackson, Yoyo Ma and Luciano Parvarotti.

Stephen Schaub, a prolific New York based fine-art photographer whose works have been described as “art dreaming about itself” presented his visual art pieces for the first time in Asia and in Singapore. One stunning visual art piece on display titled ‘Mirror’ is a 29” x 84” pigment on Cherry Wood taken in a camera collage on film.

Season Lao, an award-winning artist based in Sapporo, showcases his art pieces which examine the balance between nature and human beings. Having designed souvenirs for Louis Vuitton, his art and activities expanded internationally since he was invited to be the creative director for a Japanese design company at the age of 23. Season’s work sees a return to pure art forms, with his desire to compare modern metropolis to a simple and honest country life.

X EDITION Photography Hotel Artfair officially opens to public starting tomorrow at 10:30 am, Friday 7 September. From galleries to artists, X EDITION seeks to intrigue, with every visual art piece representing a different art genre – contemporary, surrealism, modernism, and new media. Held in conjunction with Singapore’s F1 Season from 7-9 September at the Regent Hotel, X EDITION aims to showcase the vibrant culture and diversity of photo art. Admission is free.

Check out the XEdition Speakers Series happening from the 7th to 9th September.

About X EDITION 2018

Bringing together the world’s leading art galleries and international photo artists in the luxurious setting of Regent Singapore – a Four Seasons Hotel, the fair features interactive and engaging programmes where visitors can learn about photo art techniques, new technologies and processes. Supported by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) as part of the Grand Prix Season Singapore (GPSS), X EDITION will feature special speaker series on various photo techniques including the dynamics of The Business of Celebrity Photography and Fast Speed Lighting Photography. True to its pluralistic principles and providing immersive experiences for visitors, a broad range of subjects, including street, art, action and documentary photography, will be presented with sculpture, installation, media and performance art. For more information, visit



About Billy Mork

Billy Mork is the Founder and art curator of X EDITION, specialising in black and white fine art photography and printing. Currently, he is an associate partner and executive chief curator of The Canvas Gallery. Besides operating in a fibre-based hand print custom black and white lab, Billy’s lab is the only lab in Singapore to hand print high quality archival black and white enlargements on non-resin coated photographic paper of up to 1.2 by 1.4 metres. A strong advocate of the arts, Billy seeks to champion an activation of the photo visual arts form, an universal language which not only seeks to inform, motivate and stimulate but also elicit emotions through a medium that is both powerful and sensitive.