For this coming year-end, treat yourself to little colourful surprises from Desmond Sim’s latest collection of paintings, where he continues his journey remembering juvenile mischief and pleasures.

Each painting tells a story that you and I may be able to relate to in some ways. After looking at any one of Desmond’s paintings in this show, you may find yourself smiling, either a naughty grin or a nice, cheerful chuckle. This is especially so for the three paintings under the “Surprise” category – A brother surprises his sister with a cupcake and candle for her birthday, or a brother playing a funny prank on his sister with a spider. Even the house cat can be naughty at times. In “Five Seconds Before Pandemonium”, Desmond explains that the cat in the house would know which Nonya he should go to with his prize hunt of the wriggly, squishy lizard. That is the surprise from the house cat. In the painting, the Nonya is happily petting the cat, five seconds before the surprise. As for her expression five seconds later, it is up to us to imagine!


If you follow Desmond’s paintings, you may be familiar with his style and bright colours used. The rich and beautiful Peranakan culture are brought alive by the actions of his characters. In another series Desmond has explored a slightly different way to express his characters. The faces of the children are a bit unlike his usual style. However, the action of each child is hilarious! Such as, playing masak-masak with brother’s pet fish; almost finishing the whole jar of love-letters and scheming an excuse for it.


My personal favourite will have to be “Lying On Mama’s Lap”. Most of us have experienced that when we were young, having our mothers cleaning our ears for us. Looking at that painting, you will probably be singing cherry tunes in your heart.


Bring a love one to share this joy at this exhibition. The exhibition runs from 2nd to 11th December, at Utterly Art.

Address: 229A South Bridge Road Level 2
Exhibition Date: 2nd December 2011 to 11th December 2011
Admission: Free