Watch This Space, a five-episode “reality” show with the tagline “1 mystery location, 10 days, 2 artists” –  What’s going on?

Given just 10 days and a limited budget, 2 artists have to scramble to come up with engaging site-specific art work for a predetermined public space.

The first episode “Can I Lend You My Umbrella?” kicked off with an animated duo. Video and performance artist, Ezzam Rahman is paired with Yang Jie , who frequently  draws on his engineering background for his humorous yet ambitious installations. Watch how these two artists with clearly different artistic interpretations collaborate on location that is associated with commute.

Episode 2, ‘The More We Get Together’ features like minded souls, lecturers Michael Tan and Soh Eeshaun doing something at Marina Barrage. Michael Tan is an artist who draws from varies inspirations and translates it into different forms. Soh Ee Shaun is an illustrator known for his clever use of tongue in cheek humour and satire. Watch how they are first engulfed by the huge space surrounded by water at the Marina Barrage and see how they interpret the life and activities of the public in such an environment.

Episode 3, “Rest and Relax” features painter and pop artist Safaruddin Abdul Hamid and multi-disciplinary artist Angie Seah, taking on East Coast Park.

After that, you’ve got Tang Ling Nah and Justin Lee’s green project “Feed Me, Please” at ION Orchard, and lastly Ketna Patel and Foo Aiwei with ‘The Memory Garden Project’ at the Singapore General Hospital which airs today.

Watch This Space airs on OKTO on Wednesdays at 10pm. You can also catch the episodes on Xinmsn video after they’ve aired.

Directors – Marilyn Tan, Jordan Katherine See and Cheryl, Anne Tan (Episode 3). The Executive Producers are Marilyn and Jordan Katherine See.