I was invited to the exclusive gallery preview of “Cold Comfort” and “En Bloc”, an art showcase by Mathias Heng and Ivanho Harlim, presented by LEICA Camera Asia Pacific on 20 November.


Mathias Heng // COLD COMFORT
A follow up of the Tsunami that devastated the island of Japan in March 2011, Cold Comfort documents Mathias’ revisit to Fukushima a year later.
Recently based in Singapore, Mathias is a photojournalist who travels particularly to regions and countries experiencing conflict, war, natural disasters, poverty and human struggles. Much of his work is emotionally charged, a visual documentary narrative of conflicts and its effects on the civilian population, capturing key moments and turning points of human history.


Ivanho Harlim // EN-BLOC
With the ever ceaseless development of our small island aiming to maximize space efficiency, Singaporeans find themselves suddenly very familiar with the concept of “en-bloc”. In this showcase, Ivanho revisits his childhood residential area, recently en-bloc, now abandoned and awaiting redevelopment.

Based in Singapore as well, Ivanho is a fashion photographer who has shot numerous campaigns for major brands and magazines over the years. Creating the perfect shot that depicts the look of a brand or clothing is no stranger to him.

Mr Heng shot with a LEICA M9 rangefinder, and for this showcase decided to present in large prints. To highlight individual images as standalone story to the people in each image.

While Mr Harlim shot with a LEICA S2 Media format camera. However for this showcase the images are not large prints. Around A4 paper size, and grouped in sets. In a way, because the project is intimate to Mr Harlim himself, and he hope the visiters to get closer to the images.


On the opening night, LEICA Asia Pacific set up studio lighting and let the guests try out the S2 Media Format camera. Usually used by professional for commercial projects.


Leica A Photo Art Showcase Opening Speech by Mr Mathias Heng

Unfortunately, Mr Ivanho Harlim was occupied with an assignment, hence was not able to make it to the opening night.

Mr Leonard Goh, Assistant Business Manager of LEICA Asia Pacific

I chatted with Mr Leonard Goh, Assistant Business Manager of LEICA Asia Pacific.

Weiteck: I see that the passed one year plus, LEICA have been growing its presence in the region.

Leonard: Yes, because soon it will be the hundredth anniversary of Leica.

Weiteck: So what’s the plan in the next one year, does LEICA have? To reach out to the photography community and help grow it?

Leonard: We are committed to the community by having exhibitions such as this, to rise awareness of local talents and also to allow for exchanges in ideas by having Mr Mathias Heng spearheading Leica Akademie here. As a school to allow people to learn about more in-depth aspects of photography.

Weiteck: I can’t afford a LEICA…yet…

Leonard with a friendly smile: As a school, it is focus on education. It caters to non-LEICA users too. Or we could loan them equipment(s). 2013 will be a year which we will focus a lot on workshops and exhibitions. Really hope to share it with the photography community.

I am definitely looking forward to future LEICA showcases.


“Cold Comfort” and “En Bloc” exhibition by LEICA Camera Asia Pacific
Date: 21 Nov 2012 till 28 Nov 2012
Venue: ION Gallery @ ION Orchard Level 4