The theme ‘a/edge’, an acronym for ‘Art Educators’ Developmental & Generative Explorations’, was coined to reflect the fact that art educators are constantly honing their own skills and are prepared to explore the cutting edge of art practice and pedagogical research. It focuses on art educators who seek to balance their artistic and creative pursuits while being progressive and skilled educators and leaders in art education. The exhibition showcases works from 23 art educators from schools. The range of artworks includes painting, photography, installation and video works.

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Curated by Dr Susie Lingham, currently an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Education, Singapore, a/edge started with a call from entries from schools. School teachers in this society do not just have the tasks of teaching what is planned in the curriculum. They have 1001 things to look into to ensure a holistic learning of our new generation. Despite all the heavy work-loads the teachers may be facing to juggle, 41 proposals were received. It is definitely inspiring to know that there are many art teachers who care about their job in teaching, as well as self-development and finding growing spaces for themselves. Out of these proposals, 23 works were selected.

As Dr Susie Lingham informed in her writing for this exhibition, “It soon became apparent that a recurrent theme was emerging: the need for balance. What was being negotiated and investigated was the necessity to manage a multitude of roles and finding ‘level’ ground on which to stand steady as an individual amidst the myriad roles. Between being teachers, mentors, administrators, parents, wives and husbands, daughters and sons, looms the near-impossibility of keeping the oft-mentioned work-life balance. This delicate balance is, of course, complicated by the demands of art research ad practice and the struggle to prioritise. Hence, for this inaugural exhibition, the instantiation of the key concept ’a|edge’ is visually presented as the title of the exhibition: a/edge.”

Grab a copy of the exhibition catalogue that has the profile of the art teachers / artists, and descriptions of their works.

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23rd March to 3rd April 2012

Sculpture Square
155 Middle Road
Singapore 188977

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