And to add insult to the injury, I just saw a lame video accompanying the print campaign of the Singapore Arts Festival. Seriously. How bad can this get?

I am a fan of Royston Tan and his movies, especially the colourful and heartwarming 881. Original, raw, colourful and creative are how I would describe his movies. But this video is so not his style.

“1. 2. 3 and smile…Nooooooo.”  I cringe at every frame of the video.

The video lack soul and creativity. And it was down right flat, except for the lovely vocals of the talents in the video. If I have not seen the print campaign of the Singapore Arts Festival, I would not even know that this is a video promoting the festival. The impression it gave me was as if it’s promoting healthy living by the Health Promotion Board.

Please bring back the old Royston Tan.