As I was searching for inspirational videos to share on our Facebook Fanpage. I stumbled upon FlickerMood 2.0 on Vimeo. Initially I thought it was an animation about the online community photo album, Flickr, but I quickly realised its an animation of texts by Sebastian Lange

Sebastian Lange is a Communication and Motion Designer, based in Freiburg, South of Germany. He studied at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland and is currently CD for Motion Graphics and New Media at (since 2005). And has worked on various commercials, corporate film and short film projects since 2002.

What caught my eyes and interest about this video was how the texts was animated to create an entire short film. By animating the texts and moving them to the beat of the music, the video provides an example on how one can play with texts and bring the message across with just a simple animation. This video also provide an example on how one can create a very nice movie credit without the frills.

This video reminded me of my 1st year study as a graphic design student at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. We were taught by Mr Spencer Ball who introduced to us how texts and fonts can become an art on it’s own, rather than playing second fiddle to the images in campaigns. However, during my time, computer animation was not taught in school (yet) and we were still using Omnicrom to create our artworks. But one day during a free class lesson (that was after our finals), Mr Ball screened the movie Seven, he wanted to show us how texts can play a part in creating the mood and message in a movie.

I am impressed by this video by Sebastian Lange and hope you will enjoy it too.