The first fengshui Grand Master to hold an art exhibition in Singapore, Tan Khoon Yong’s works are inspired by I-Ching, an ancient oracle, a system of sixty-four hexagrams, showing permutations of yin yang lines, gives insights into the transformative energies of the questioner.

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In this exhibition, Tan characteristically connects his works to this philosophy, looking to simplicity for inspiration. Tan does not use many colours for his newer paintings; most of his newer works are either monochrome or vivid dual tone. Sometimes he eliminates colours altogether, using only black and white.

In the collection, “Reflections – The Happy Life”, Tan uses lotus flowers as the main theme. The dual tone lotus paintings are brilliant in composition and form, the use of space is flattering. The vivid colours of the lotuses create a beautiful impasto effect dimension in his paintings.

While the “Five Elements – Changing Seasons” collections, the use of monochrome colours provokes a wide array of emotions. The impasto effect creates a tactile imaginary landscape giving the impression of natural environment.

Join us on the 3rd of July with Tan to hear him express his spiritual experience through his painting and his thoughts effectively on canvas. This is a great opportunity for art lovers and collectors to connect and interact!