The Wisdom Beyond Borders series of art exhibitions and related programs started in Thailand with its meaningful mission of reviving traditional proverbs through contemporary art. We learnt from proverbs expert and author, Professor Mineke Schipper of The Netherlands, that different cultures curiously wrapped similar folk wisdom.

Wisdom Beyond Borders
Professor Mineke Schipper speaking a few words at the opening reception of Wisdom Beyond Borders

Singapore(-based) artists Mr William Sim, Ms Diana Francis, Mr Andy Yang, Mindflyer and Mr Dominic Fonde, amongst others, kindly contributed their valuable art works which were auctioned off on 16 Feb 12 in aid of Thai flood victims.

Mr Andy Yang put to good use his past working experience with tight deadlines. He searched for an appropriate proverb in Malay (which he can read), got the ravishing red paint in 2 types of finish, moved his canvas in various ways to get the abstract effect and completed his art work in about 1 week.

Wisdom Beyond Borders
Mr Andy Yang with his art work contributed to this cause

Wisdom Beyond Borders


Mr Dominic Fonde wrote his text, based on his research, and illustrated to great detail, all on glass! The artist, who specialises in glass art, chose a proverb that reflects the misconception one has for others simply by judging their appearance and conduct. The same goes for crows that are very much misunderstood as a nuisance to society.

Wisdom Beyond Borders
Mr Dominic Fonde with his art work contributed to this cause

Wisdom Beyond Borders


While Mindflyer’s art looks bright and whimsical, the work has a deeper meaning. The chosen proverb, translated from Malay, reminds us that we should appreciate everyone or events that happened around us, no matter how small or insignificant they were, as they contributed to our success.

Wisdom Beyond Borders
Mindflyer with his art work contributed to this cause

Wisdom Beyond Borders


Ms Diana Francis’ limited edition prints had raised thousands of dollars for good causes through international organisations. Nevertheless, she contributed a valuable original painting to the auction, partly because she has always been interested in proverbs. A family in harmony will prosper in everything (Chinese proverb) is a warm scene of a child and parent bonding over a traditional trade.

Wisdom Beyond Borders
Ms Diana Francis with her art work contributed to this cause


The ever kind and considerate Mr William Sim generously contributed a pair of mid-sized paintings although his works have been collected internationally. They depict the harmony between Thailand and Singapore.

Wisdom Beyond Borders - William Sim, Proverbial Happiness
Mr William Sim with his art works contributed to this cause

Wisdom Beyond Borders

The original Thai Folk Wisdom art exhibition and the auctioned Singapore art works are exhibited until Thu 8 March 2012, at the Ngee Ann Cultural Centre, Tank Road (near Clark Quay MRT station).

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