The Future Memory Pavilion is an outdoor art installation partly made of ice. Yes, ice! In humid Singapore!

The Future Memory Pavilion

We learnt from the artists/ designers/ architects, Ms Pernilla Ohrstedt and Mr Asif Khan of the UK, that long long ago, Singapore used to import ice! That was why they used ice and sand, a common building material around the world. The construction technical consultant, Mr Sam Peng Thong, explained the sand used for The Future Memory Pavilion was much finer than what is usually used for buildings.

As one cone fills the site with sand from above, the other empties as 16 pieces of ice blocks, each measuring 50cm x 50cm, melts away into the ground. But don’t worry, the blocks of ice are replenished every three days. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the artwork and enter the pavilion. But do protect your eyes as the very fine sand dispensing from the other cone may get into your eyes.

The Future Memory Pavilion
Artists/ Designers/ Architects,
Pernilla Ohrstedt and Asif Khan, by The Future Memory Pavilion.

Often, we admire completed outdoor art installations without realising there were many more people involved in surveying the site, considering the impact of the environment, getting the necessary approvals, transporting the materials, welding, laying the electrical cables and hoisting the structure. We understand the design of The Future Memory Pavilion was adjusted during construction. The big heavy rope knots were tied by students from Lasalle College of the Arts.

The Future Memory Pavilion
The ice was melting as we walked around the venue under the blazing sun.

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By the time you read this article, The Future Memory Pavilion would look different from our photos here. Take a walk. Find out what it transformed into.

When: Until Sat 19 Nov 11
Where: National Museum front lawn, next to the Singapore Management University
Admission: Free

You can read about the other Singapore artists and architects involved in The Future Memory program and watch videos of how The Future Memory Pavilion was installed.

Artitute had the chance to capture the installation The Future Memory Pavilion as it progressed. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of how the site looked before the massive installation emerged.

Construction of the sculpture of "The Future Memory Pavilion"

Construction of the sculpture of "The Future Memory Pavilion"

Artitute photographs also by Suzzana Chew.