Earier this year I was fotunate enough to be invited by the Sentosa HarbourFront Business Association to form part of their selection Committee for the third edition of The “Great Egg-Venture” at Sentosa.

For this edition, we were looking for 25 talented artists, that were over the age of 18 and who resided in Singapore to participate. Teaming up with one of my favourite partners, the Affordable Art Fair Singapore, we had our work cut out for us as we deliberated through almost a hundred applications! Finding the right balance of artists was important for all of us, as we wanted to give something interesting for everyone who would come to this seasonal feature attraction.

One of the final selected artists was a dear friend and collaborator of Artitute, Nicola Anthony, who submitted an entry based on words. Intrigued by her entry I thought it would be fun to try to unravel the words that encased her egg.

Artitute - Nicola 03

Artitute: What was the inspiration behind the words that you chose to paint on the Sentosa HarbourFront Easter egg?

Nicola: Well, the words actually come from a poem that I wrote which relates to new beginnings, moving forward, looking back on the past and building on it from our history and memories. The poem was written for “the Saga Seed” series, which was one of my first works presented in Singapore.

Artitute - Nicola 02

Artitute: What would you like people to come away with after seeing your work?

Nicola: I would like people to come close for closer inspection, to realize that the artwork is formed by words, to read the poem and then to shift between the different states of thought and appreciation. This artwork intends to provoke people to think about life, love and their ongoing journey.

Artitute - Nicola 04

Artitute: One last and very important question… What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Nicola: My belief is that the egg came first on the end!


So hop down to Sentosa HarbourFront to see the Easter eggs and join in on the various Events and activities will be taking place there from the 10th of March – 17th April. Further details can be found here: