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Nikei Fine Art Gallery

Kato Art Duo presents Void Space / TOKO SHINODA + ZHOU HAO


Kato Art Duo (previously known as Nikei Fine Art) proudly presents their latest exhibition Void Spaces which explores the power and prevalence of blank spaces in abstract paintings. Venue: 328 North Bridge Road #02-28 Singapore 188719 Start date: 14 August to 28 September Opening and closing hours: Mon - Sun: 11am to 7pm, Closed on Sundays & Mondays [...]

Maiko Kitagawa enthralls with her hauntingly dark art works


Maiko’s black and white art works depict mythical creatures who dwell in the mysterious realm of the unknown and compel the viewer to confront the human fear of the dark. Now exhibiting at Nikei Fine Art at Raffles Hotel Arcade till 30th November 2013. [...]

The Beauty of Blue: Nuit Sano


The exuberance and expressiveness of myriad shades of blue is brought to dazzling life in the works of Nuit Sano. ‘Nuit Sano: Abstract in Blue’ is the Japanese painter’s first solo exhibition in Singapore held at Nikei Fine Art. Geraldine Lee interviewed the great artist who discussed about her life in art. [...]
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