Method acting benefits everyone. Whether you are an actor, non-actor, corporate warrior, or homebody, we believe that everyone is born with a talent, ability or skill. Your story shapes your talent, whatever it may be. Method Acting enables you to develop and access your unique qualities so that your distinctiveness comes through in a compelling, authentic way.

Sem 5 Acting 101

Our Acting 101 one-day session is an introduction into the Method Acting training techniques that can enable you to access your creative instincts and build confidence in the way you communicate.

This short intensive is highly interactive and practical with some of the techniques in the syllabus tailored to the specific needs to those in the class. You will gain an understanding of the basics of acting preparation and performance in a safe and non-judgmental environment amongst like-minded people.

Registration closes: 29 September 2016

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2 October 2016
Sunday, 10.00am to 6.00pm

Price: S$199