Eunice Lim - 14 Lines, Farewell, then. It is finished. I forego

Artist Statement:
Eunice Lim (b. 1992, Singapore) has always been intrigued with human relationships and narratives in culture. She researches into social conditionings in context to systems that influence culture; translating her studies into drawings, paintings and photography.

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14 Lines is an ongoing series that explores the idea of relations between its terms. Using sonnets to exercise upon the course of its proposition, this series resonates the viewer’s definition of what is read in relation to be seen.

Poetic Spaces is a collaborative work with Cheryl Wu along with the buildings of Bencoolen Street, Singapore. As a society’s superstructure is determined in form and content by its economic base, buildings and spaces in‐between were used as subjects in a poetic phrase to present a reminiscence of the street. The composition of imageries is represented as a synthesis of reflection and visual reaction, like an atom being experimented through its limits and possibilities. Thus, this collaboration is to steer new dimensions of collaborative spaces and structures in society.

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