The Singapore Chinese Language Theatre Alliance (SCLTA) 新华剧体 was recently formed by local companies, artists and practitioners from the contemporary Chinese theatre scene, and will be organizing a public symposium “Singapore Chinese Language Theatre, Now” on 30 January 2016.

The Alliance hopes to represent independent practitioners as well as theatre organisations invested in contemporary Chinese language theatre scene in Singapore and is open to all full-time theatre practitioners who have a stake in the growth and development of the contemporary Chinese language theatre scene in Singapore.

It hopes to represent all of its members in the following:

  1. Raise and address issues and concerns pertaining to the practice of contemporary Chinese language theatre in Singapore.
  2. To map/chart/document the development of contemporary theatre that is delivered in Mandarin (with other Chinese languages) via forums and other similar channels.
  3. To facilitate as well as initiate dialogue and partnerships between its various stakeholders for the interest of developing the growth of contemporary Chinese language theatre scene in Singapore.
  4. Partner interested parties and members of the public to generate interest and awareness of activities by practitioners and companies invested in the development of contemporary theatre practice delivered in Mandarin (with other Chinese languages).
  5. Investigate and explore the unique character of contemporary theatre practice that is delivered in Mandarin (with other Chinese languages) in Singapore via collaborations and partnerships between its members.
  6. The Alliance aims to foster exchanges between partners in Singapore and other international partners pertaining to issues relating to contemporary Chinese language theatre practice in Singapore and other countries.

The Alliance will be organising a public symposium on 30 January 2016, “Singapore Chinese Language Theatre, Now” to discuss the topic with the public and stakeholders invested or interested in the Chinese contemporary Chinese language theatre scene.