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Imelda has more than 35 years’ experience as a Singapore arts consumer who started as an almost reluctant kid. Her arts interest grew, but alas, faster than her wallet.
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This museum is already free


Our Museum @ Taman Jurong has been free since its opening, not just for certain hours of the day, and not just for senior citizens. When was the last time you made a journey to the West side of Singapore? [...]

Lin Hsin Hsin, Singapore, was first in the world in July 2007 to create 3D art using equations only

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The fact is, Lin Hsin Hsin, Singapore, was the first person in the world in July 2007 to create 3 dimensional (3D) art, including the human form, with software using only Mathematical equations. This paradigm shift process, which is ecologically friendly, does not require ray-tracing, texture and material mapping, heavy-duty and often overnight rendering. This is unlike 3D geometry modelling currently used by Hollywood animation big wigs. [...]
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