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Singapore Biennale 2016: An Atlas of Mirrors presents a constellation of artistic perspectives by 63 artists from 19 countries and territories across Asia. This international contemporary art exhibition brings together the atlas and mirror as an imagined new instrument of vision and thought, creating possibilities for unexpected ways of seeing the world and ourselves.

Suggested Art Stops

Inscription of the Island by Lim Soo Ngee
SAM Front Lawn

Putar Alam Cafe by Azizan Palam
SAM at 8Q Plaza

Kra-Tua Taeng Seua (A Tiger Hunt) by Sakarin Krue-On
SMU de Suantio Gallery

The Great East Indiaman by David Chan
National Museum of Singapore Front Lawn

Cooking the World by Subodh Gupta
National Museum of Singapore Rotunda

Shelter by Debbie Deng
National Museum of Singapore History Gallery

There are those who stay There are those who go by Perception 3
Stamford Green

Setting Off by Marine Ky
Peranakan Museum

The Unity of N Monuments by Jiao Xingtao
Asian Civilisations Museum Plaza

Enrique de Malacca Memorial Project by Ahmad Fuad Osman
Asian Civilisations Museum Learning Gallery

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