Casey Chen's Singapore Heart Flag pins

Singapore’ will be celebrating it’s 45th birthday this coming 9th August and every one in Singapore are either excited or nonchalant about this event. However, one Singaporean have been ever so patriotic about his nation that everyday is National Day for him. And with that spirit and love for the nation, he has been creating icons and products dedicated to Singapore.

Meet Casey Chen, a designer and artist who breath, live and eat all things aesthetics. I remember getting to know Casey from my previous job in Yahoo! when I was managing Flickr, he sent me an email discouraging me about a new Flickr Group which I have set up that condemns Singaporean ugly side of being inconsiderate and/or are litter bugs. From then on, I knew he is a very patriotic citizen who flies the Singapore flag with pride.

Image complimentary from Casey Chen Casey Chen's tote bag design

To commemorate Singapore’s National day, Artitute interviewed Casey Chen who is one of the 7 designers selected for their tote bag designs for this year’s NDP goodie bag giveaway.

Artist’s Profile
Name: Casey Chen
D.O.B: 20 June 1971
Art School: LaSalle and RMIT
Kopi drinker or tea drinker?: Coffee
Dog or cat person?: Both
TV or Facebook?: Facebook (no tv at home)
Favorite landmark in Singapore?: For now little india

Q1: Hi Casey, you have been a designer for many years. So what inspired you to be a designer? And what will you be if you are not a designer?
A: Yes I have been a designer for too long.   As a designer, I like the ability to control what I create. And as for what I will be if not designer… haha dun know – car salesman maybe?

Q2: In your opinion which is more important in a design. Form and Function, or , Aesthetics and Design? Why?
A: Aesthetics – as we all love beautiful things

Q3: We have known each other for a few years and I know you are very patriotic about Singapore. What inspired you to always come up with designs based on the Singapore landmarks or symbols?
A: Believe

Q4: As one of the designers who came up with the tote bags designs for the National Day Goodie Bags. What inspired your design for the bag and will you do it differently if you are given the opportunity to amend the design?
A: It is my honor to be one of the 7 designers/artist. Theme given was for National Day, not much we can think out of it, but as for me I want something that people can use everyday than just National Day :). No I will not change the design if given opportunity, too much work .. hee

Q5: So what other Singapore themed designs have you created?
A: I like to create a “City Icon” for Singapore. Other than the Singapore Heart Flag, I have Maggi cushions and creme cracker chair.

Q6:Do you have a favorite designer or artist in Singapore? If yes, who and why?
A: No, I do not have any favorite at the moment, but I do envy many Singapore designer, especially when hard work pays.

Q7: I know this question has been asked once too many, but for the sake of NDP, what does NDP means to you?
A: NDP means to me – Celebrations, Honor, Pride, and Happiness as we see people coming together.

Q8: So will you be attending the National Day Parade at the Padang this 9th August. If not, what will you be doing on that day?
A: Yes I got tickets yay!

See you at the grandstands on National Day!

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*All images complimentary by Casey Chen