A few people have stepped forward to be considered for public service as the next Singapore Arts Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) 2012 – 2013. Members of the Singapore arts community, find out how you can support them, starting from 2pm Saturday 3 December 2011 at 72-13, Home of TheatreWorks.

Merely debating does not improve lives. The better focus and/ or improved solutions resulting from the willingness to debate, can. Sustainable changes need due consideration.

Could Ms Janice Koh, Mr Dominic Khoo or someone else be the appropriate person who can participate effectively in Parliament in the interests of Singapore arts? Find out more, interact with them and make an informed decision by 11.59 pm Monday 5 December 2011. What is your say?

Updated 6 Dec 11: Mr Casey Chen decided that he will contribute to the Singapore arts scene in other ways. Mr Dominic Khoo decided that if he applies for NMP he may do so for other functional groups (too).