Edible Art - A taste of home

Isn’t it wonderful if that luscious piece of art is edible, especially after a tiring day of museum and gallery hopping? A week before Christmas, I was invited to join a chocolate cake making workshop conducted by The Connoisseur Concerto aka TCC.  It was a wonderful Christmas treat to welcome the holidays.

Well known not just for their caffeine packed beverages and luscious cafe settings. TCC is also well known for supporting local art talents with its art gallery cum cafe at 51 Circular Road.

At the chocolate making workshop I was introduced to Jane Cowie, an established glass artist who pioneered the glass art scene when she came to our shores from down under in 2003 and set up Art Glass Solutions with her partner, Dominic Fondé in 2008, providing workshops on glass art and glass art design business out from her lovely black and white abode in Katong.

The workshop was also a slightly late introduction to TCC’s last art exhibition for 2010, “CULTURAL ECHOES: flavours, dialogues and collaborations”, by Jane Cowie and Dominic Fondé. It ends this 03 Jan 2011, so catch it quick at “The Gallery”,  51 Circular Road.

Edible Art - A taste of home

The little glass houses that Jane created reminded me of jellos or traditional jellies, also known locally as Agar Agar. Soft as it may look, each glass houses is as delicate as the meaning behind it. Jane told me that she has been living out of a suitcase for the last few decades. She found home after she landed in Singapore. But the identity of home in a foreign land was very different from Australia, so she made a point to interact with the locals and visited many local weddings and festivals in Singapore. Thus it inspired her artworks.

Jane is such an easy going person and so passionate about her art. Because of this passion, TCC decide to collaborate with her and came up with cakes shaped like her little glass houses. Hence we had a little yummilicious and messy fun after our crash course on the theory of glass art.

Edible Art - A taste of home

We made curry flavored cakes. I was hoping we were making chocolate mint or liqueur flavored cakes. As exotic as it may sound, I am not a big fan of curry paired with chocolate. Curry chicken yes, but not cakes please. Overall, I had a great time learning both about art of glass and chocolate making.

Maybe TCC should consider having an art candy making workshop the next round. But not curry flavor please. The workshop is only available for corporate requests, but you can have a taste of both the chocolaty treats and visual stimulation at The Gallery at Circular Road.

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