How would you like if you could plant a seed of happiness, water it with some happiness juice, and enjoy the harvest of your happiness?

Happiness Pte Ltd 2011 by William Sim

Everyone is searching for happiness and the meaning of it. It may sound difficult in today’s vast changing environment and society, and it may be a real precious experience if you do have a moment of happiness. In William Sim’s 3rd Solo Exhibition – Happiness Private Limited 2011, William presented a series of detailed illustrative paintings in small doses of his happiness to share. The size of the paintings asked the viewer to stand closer to interact, to stand longer to observe.

Happiness Pte Ltd 2011 by William SimHappiness Pte Ltd 2011 by William Sim

As you focus on each of William’s works, you make discoveries of small parcels of surprise, which gently put a smile on your face. There are a few iconic features in this exhibition – the little boy with no eyes and mouth, the birds, the hearts. William explained that the little boy is himself. He describes himself as an introvert, and he has placed this “self” in the various realms he desires to be. He briefly informs me of the various realms of “wood”, “plants” and “seeds” in this series of works. Upon closer observation, William has a long, pointy nose in the realm of wood and wears a water-melon over his head in the realm of plants. The similar feature however, is that his “self” does not have any eyes or mouth. William said with a serious face that he wants to present things based on feelings, rather than sight and words. In the realm of seeds, William collaborates with Lush Tan to present a few pieces of William’s worlds in 3D structure. They are also tiny in size, and you will find yourself observing it 360 degrees, looking for parcels of surprises too. And yes, you can find them. At the opening, we were also lucky to have a bottle of the Happiness Juice. The transparent liquid was surprisingly sweet, and it left a smile on me.

Happiness Pte Ltd 2011 by William Sim Happiness Pte Ltd 2011 by William Sim

On a personal note, I saw an exhibition 2 days ago by a 7 years old girl who painted works 2 times larger than herself. Tonight I saw a big grown man painted works 3 times smaller than himself. Distinct differences in size, but both artists shared their happiness in creating beautiful works.

Even the smallest things in life can bag a sense of happiness, just look closely.

Venue: Utterly Art
Address: 229A South Bridge Road Level 2
Exhibition Date: 4th November 2011 to 13th November 2011
Admission: Free