The eighth edition of the Happiness Private Limited show is a hybrid of William’s trademark fantasia and the botanical world. The work is presented as a series of pseudo-botanical drawings on thirty-six species of popular plants frequently encountered in Singapore. A playful study on symbiosis as each piece of work documents the anomalous alliance of an imagined facultative symbiont to its vascular plant host.

Peculiar Botany by William Sim
Peculiar Botany by William Sim

With strung up hammocks, aeries and shrub-houses, the partnership might seem more commensal than mutualistic at times. Only a bona fide botanist knows, for a plant to truly thrive, companionship and affection are as crucial as sunlight, water, and nutrients.

The exhibition features thirty-six paintings by William Sim and a selection of sculptures in collaboration with Lush Tan.

"Tillandsia" by William Sim
“Tillandsia” by William Sim

“Botanical Singapore – An illustrated guide to popular plants and flowers” by William Sim, a hardcover coffee-table book based upon the series of drawings from the show is for sale during the opening.

Opening reception, 29 October 2016, Saturday (Deepavali) at 3.30pm. Utterly Art