Kult Gallery and Studio has a new home! On 8th August, Singapore’s first street art gallery officially opened its doors at the Mount Emily Arts Centre. Kult Gallery and Studio will feature original artworks, limited edition prints, vases, tees, totes and other collectables created by local and international artists and designers. Prices will range from SGD150 up to SGD2,000 for some extremely rare pieces.

Kult Studio has a four year history of identifying and nurturing new talent to give them exposure, enabling them to raise their profile and sell their work. Kult magazine, the free quarterly is distributed to over 150 locations across Singapore, Sydney, Japan and Hong Kong and features the work of local and international artists. Offshoots of the magazine include a range of limited edition apparel and interactive roaming arcade machines.
Here is a selected line-up of artists represented at Kult.




Kristal Melson is an illustrator born and raised in Singapore, where her dignity remains intact for now, leaving a trail of doodling behind in large unhealthy radioactive clumps. On the rare occasion that she is not drawing, she spends her time avenging unicorns and whistling at boys.

Eric Foenander has been illustrating, painting, and doing all things artsy fartsy since he was a 3-year-old toddler. His earlier years had him delve into, and focus on oils and acrylic. Since then, he has developed primarily into a digital artist, and Eric is now a full time illustrator/art director at Ogilvy & Mather and lead designer for Bedsty musicpartiesdesign. “I just wanna end up drawing stuff I wanna draw. For the rest of my life, really,” he adds.

Sheryo is a Brooklyn based artist from Singapore who paints imperfect gnarly characters that are calming to disoriented souls, and might cause skitter skatter explosions in the brain. She has exhibited and painted in LA, Seoul, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and is a part of the Army of Snipers Crew.

An art director who treads the boundaries between the commercial and artistic expression, Mriz Sidah, aka Flux, has amassed a diverse and eclectic body of work in his 6years of practice. In his former role as Head Of Creative at Zouk, Mriz Sidah led the in-house Art Division to fulfill the nightlife institution’s artistic vision and maintaining its edge as a leader in the market. Providing art direction to projects of varying mediums and scale from web, print, video, apparel to stage and events design, he was responsible for the quality, look and feel of the Zouk brand and experience. His passion for music, art, pop culture and individual expression has led him to further develop his artistic practice.

Steve Lawler, creative director and gallery curator of Kult Gallery and Studio, with writer Geraldine Lee

Steve Lawler, creative director and gallery curator remarks, “There is a huge gap in Singapore for finding accessible low brow street art type work. We have so many talented friends in our community who have no fixed place to showcase and sell their works. This space is an attempt to address that issue and connect the public to some seriously cool new talent emerging in Singapore and beyond.”

We look forward to the discovery of yet more underground artists along with the growth of a wonderful alternative platform for them.


Kult Gallery and Studio
Block C2-5, Mount Emily, 11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228120

Gallery will open weekdays between 10am to 6pm & weekends upon appointment.

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Editor’s note: More photos of "KULT Studio & Gallery Launch" available at our Flickr album. Words by Geraldine Lee, photos taken by Eric Lim