Journeys by Mathias Heng

Mathias Heng shares with us his “Journeys” via photographic images he captured.

Presenting aspects of life that few are privileged to witness, were taken from 1992 to 2012 from various part of the world – Australia, Bangladesh, Burma, East Timor, Iraq, India, Japan, Mozambique, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan and South Africa.

Mathias focuses and connects with his subjects. Documenting their moments of joy, their hours of despair, their celebration of hope and their struggles for peace & justice. Indeed, working with people through the camera is Mathias’ personal philosophy of photography.

Journeys by Mathias Heng

I asked Mathias “Do you have to do a lot of planning, especially logistic, for your travels?
He replied “Yes, but being flexible is more important than any planning. The purpose of these travels was to tell the story of these people, while being sent there by my client(s).

As a Photography hobbyist myself, I asked “Film or Digital?”
Mathias replied “I use both, but I do have an inclination toward film.

Mathias ventures into strife-ridden countries and sensitively touches grief-stricken lives in order to give us a glimpse of what is really happening. With a deft click, he captures a scene of his encounters with other people other unnoticed by the human eye.

“Journeys” is a testament of his passion, his skill and his mission. Showing he truly holds his camera closes to his heart.

Location: Leica Store at Raffles Hotel Arcade #01-18, 328 North Bridge Road

Duration: 20 April to 31 May 2012


texts and photos by Weiteck.

Editor’s Note: When not roaming around to capture the even-changing cityscape with his camera. Weiteck would be hiding in a dark corner, plotting his world-domination.