Every little girl dream about being a beautiful bride and getting married to her prince charming one day. However in reality, not everyone’s dream do come true. And for some, their dream just stays as a fantasy forever.

Forever is a musical movie of a young lady’s fantasy of finding the perfect match and getting married. In a society where marriages and birth rates are falling, the folks at Wedding Education Department (W.E.D.) are scrambling to create a campaign to promote marriage. In came Joey, a young lady who have been in love with the idea of finding that special man and being his bride, so much so that she was hired as a consultant for this campaign and made the lead female role in the W.E.D video. Her other half is this dreamy young man who is a talented musician she met at another wedding.

Dreamy and saccharin sweet. The pair was a match made in heaven in the video. Just the perfect wedding video to entice the young and restless to get settled down with their perfect match.  A KPI which W.E.D hopes to hit after the video was launched.

Unfortunately Joey was still living in her wedding video fantasy. In her perfect world, she and Gin (Groomie whom she affectionately calls) are a match made in heaven. Up to the point where she tells everyone around her that they are engaged and will be getting married soon. The relationship looks almost real, until the real fiance of Gin appears in the picture. And that’s when Joey starts to behave almost psychotic, stalking Gin’s every move and almost kidnapping him.

When I was watching the movie, I could feel myself connecting with the casts. I felt sympathy for Joey who was desperately and bravely seeking her true love, and bravely expressing herself. At the same time, I had the urge to shake Gin and tell him to decide on which girl he wants to marry. Although Joey was abit of a nut job in the movie, as in the end she was sent to a mental institution, she also portrays the very real side of most Singaporean who become obsessed over a perfect marriage. Like they say, planning your own wedding can sometimes drives you abit crazy. I know I’ve been through that.

The movie is almost a musical on it’s own. I love the music and lyrics. The theme song composed by Benjamin Lim Yi, music by Alex Oh and lyrics sang by song bird Joanna Dong (Joey), a talented singer discovered in the Singapore Idol 1 in 2004.

Expect a few cameo appearance by dethroned ex-Miss Singapore, Ris Low, who played a patient, obsessed with being a beauty queen in the mental institution.

This movie was inspired by a wedding video project which director, Wee Li Lin, produced for the Singapore Registry of Marriages which she did a few years back. It was from the making of this video that Li Lin became inspired by the idea of a character that was involved in the making of propaganda marriage videos but was not able to achieve the dreams and promises in reality.

Catch this movie at the following cinemas – Golden Village at Vivo City and Plaza Sing. Catch it this week before it ends with it last screening on the 23rd March 2011. Here are the film schedules.

Directed and written by Wee Li Lin
Casts – JOANNA DONG as Joey, MO TZU YI as Gin, SARAH NG LI-WEN as Cecilia


Here are some video interviews by CTV of the casts of Forever.

Interview with Joanna Dong


Interview with Sarah Ng