Rock Dreams” is the inaugural solo exhibition of Eddie Sung, the international award-winning rock photographer. Kind of a Home-coming.

He is also the first and only Asian to be inducted into the world’s most prestigious fine art music photography gallery, Morrison Hotel Gallery. “Rock Dreams” showcases a selection of Eddie Sung’s most iconic monochromatic masterpieces, and the public unveiling of his rare technicoloured prints.

Solo Exhibition by Eddie Sung's Rock Dream/
Eddie Sung mingle with guests

Jeffrey Koh of Flabslab, introduced me to Eddie. I asked Eddie “It must be hard… being on the road with the musicians when they are on tour, right?”
He patted me on my right shoulder and replied “It’s always a pleasure; it’s never hard because this is something I chose to do. Being able to do what you chosen to engage in, is always a pleasure. You have to enjoy the travel, and not be lazy with your commitments.”

Eddie took a sip from his bottle of beer and continued “When Blondie called me to go to Woodstock Music & Art Fair with them, I hesitated. It means I would have to be away from my family for some time. My wife just told me to go and do what I need to do. She is the one that make sure I have no worries and I can focus. A supportive wife is very important.”

Solo Exhibition by Eddie Sung's Rock Dream

“So what is the secret to dealing with celebrities? You have been working with big names.”
Eddie pointed at a photo he took for Joey Jordison of Slipknot.

“The caption “Ahead” on his glove and his mask, those have subtle meanings. The fans will know. I need to understand the art and message of these musicians. When they see that you put in the effort to understand them, they will have trust that you can be the bridge to relay their message to their fans.”

*Video interview with Eddie Sung on pursuing your dream
Artitute Exclusive

Eddie urge young people to search within themselves for what they wants. Was nice meeting and chatting with this man who retired when he was 44, so that he can pursue his love for photography. And in a short span of two years, Eddie made a name for himself in rock photography, made friends with numerous rock stars,
and won lot of prestigious photography awards. Retired at the prime of his life and succeeding at what he loves most.

Solo Exhibition by Eddie Sung's Rock Dream

Make sure you drop by, you will see images of Eric Clapton, Slash…etc , make sure you goes up to level 2 if you are a Lady Gaga fan.

Now till 05Aug 2012 at Lorong 24A Geylang, Unit 15 Singapore 398539
Weekdays: 3:00 ~ 8:00pm
Weekends: 12:00pm ~ 6:00pm

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“Rock Dreams” Solo Exhibition by Eddie Sung, Presented by Flabslab

Editor’s note: Words by Chee Wei teck, photos taken by Eric Lim