In the lead up to the Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2013, will be featuring Singaporean artists and galleries who will be showing at the event.

In this second part of the series, we take a sneak peak at the offerings on show at Give Art Space’s booth at the Fair this week.

Give Art Space is one of the most exciting galleries in the local arts scene, representing some of the brightest young stars in the art constellation within Singapore and the region. Among the artists that Give Art Space will be bringing to the Fair are critical and commercial darlings Jeremy Sharma, Justin Lee, and Michael Lee.

Give Art Space, Jeremy Sharma, Scintilla (Summerwell), 2010-12, Aerosol paint on powder coated aluminium, 64x88cm

Jeremy Sharma, “Scintilla (Summerwell)”, 2010-12, Aerosol paint on powder coated aluminium, 64x88cm (at the Give Art Space booth)

Jeremy Sharma’s practice is deeply embedded in the painting genre, but he is not afraid to push the frameworks that govern how we understand a painting, standing steadfast against the (now clichéd) question about whether painting is dead.

His work shows a sensitivity to his medium, and an intellectual courage to experiment with techniques and meta-concepts that is accompanied by a consummate control over his craft.

Give Art, Justin Lee, Astroboy_2012

Justin Lee, “Astroboy”, 2012 (at the Give Art Space booth)

Sharma finds good company with Justin Lee, whose work is tonally very different, but no less visually appealing. Mixing imagery that bridges the broad categories of “East” and “West”, “Consumerism” and “Tradition”, Lee comes up with covetable pieces that are not only full of humour and wit, but also imbued with a lot of heart.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Tolla Sloane (Founder and Gallery Director of Give Art Space) during her busy schedule at the first Affordable Art Fair two years ago. The gallery’s name is derived from the seed of a idea about allowing people to “give art”, like an art-gift registry of sorts. A simple and elegant idea, perfectly fitting for an event like the Affordable Art Fair.

This year, the Fair will be easier to navigate, with the various paddocks being colour coded. You can find Give Art Space at the Blue Paddock on Level 2 of the Fair. Check out their stable of young artists and find the perfect gift for yourself!

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