Underwriters Table by Verticle Submarine

This large desk is not a sore reminder of the school examination period now. It is an art work which is part of the Singapore Writers’ Festival 2011, which already started. Titled “Underwriters Table” by Verticle Submarine, a Singapore art collective, it is one of the visual arts installations for the Singapore Writers’ Festival visual arts segment, Art Around SAM. You can spot this table a mile away along Bras Basah Road.

Why did we take the photo from this angle? You have to read the subtext at the installation to find out how it relates to the Singapore Writers’ Festival (SWF). 😉 Drop by before 2nd November 2011.

Although this year’s key organisers are themselves accomplished in the Singapore literary arts scene, the SWF program is certainly not about English novels and poetry you can only read with a dictionary. Authors who started as bloggers, TV actors who write, screenplay writers, lyricists, graphic novelists, illustrators, international best-selling authors, Singapore writers whose stories and poems you studied in school, Chinese/ Malay/ Tamil literature, lectures, forums, workshops, tours, meals, kids’ programs. There is something for everyone.

Some of the SWF events are free too! English interpretation is available for most or all non-English events.

For art inspired readings, experience the Musee d’Orsay Readings.

Take a look at the SWF visual arts presentations.

Photographs by Suzzana Chew