The Affordable Art Fair helped changed the perception of buying art when they introduced themselves in Singapore in 2010. Art has always been associated with the rich and well-heeled who spent hundred of thousand of dollars on each piece of art. But art doesn’t need to be unattainable. And the Affordable Art Fair had opened its doors to many art lovers, whom many have bought their first piece of art under S$10,000.

Artitute had the chance to interview an art buyer, Ms Jolyn Pek and 2 gallery owners, Dr Alvin Koh of Collectors Contemporary and Charmaine Toh from Objectifs, who shared with us how the art scene in Singapore has grown and how art buying has changed over the past few years. The art specialists also gave us some tips on how to go about procuring art, especially for a small apartment space in an urban jungle. And art buyer, Jolyn Pek shared with us how she started buying art and her process of collecting art pieces from around the world.

Most importantly, all three specialists shared with us one important tip and that it’s always best to buy a piece of art that you love, rather than for the sake of any investment. Because at the end of the day if the value of the art piece drops, you will still enjoy looking at it in your living room.

Check out our videos and don’t forget to visit the Affordable Art Fair this weekend at the F1 Pit Building at No. 1 Republic Boulevard.

Conversation with an art buyer

Tips from Gallery Owners