World Aids Day Singapore: HIV - SHOW ME LOVE

1st of December marks World’s Aids Day, and in commemoration of this day, Arterial Creative in collaboration with Health Promotions Board (HPB) and Chan Hampe Galleries presents HIV – SHOW ME THE LOVE. 12 local artists have been roped in to spread awareness for the cause through a visual art exhibition at the Chan Hampe Galleries at Tanjong Pagar Road and the Drama Center at the National Library Building..

This year art is used to spread the awareness of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). But instead of preaching the message of prevention is better than cure, the message of Love, Positivity and Hope through art is used.

“We have chosen to use art-based education to highlight World Aids Day, as it allows people to engage and interact with the issue that might ve too intimate to discuss openly.” Mandy Governder, Deputy Director, Communicable Disease Education, Health Promotion Board.

World Aids Day Singapore: HIV - SHOW ME LOVE

Mandy Governder, Health Promotion Board and Angie Chan, Chan Hampe Galleries.

All of the artworks by the artists I met at the Chan Hampe Galleries express messages of acceptance, love and care to someone you know who have HIV. The works are all vibrant and beautiful, not dark and depressing like how you would associate HIV with. But underneath the beautiful artworks also lies a deeper and serious message to all.

In Singapore, a modern and forward thinking country, it is sad to know that many people stereotype people who has HIV. They stun and avoid them. But how would you feel if you are at the other end?

World Aids Day Singapore: HIV - SHOW ME LOVE

Aiman Hakim, wishes to educate the public on the rising costs of HIV consultation and treatments, and although there has not been a cure yet, the treatments has been improving. Also the message that STD or HIV is not a child’s play even though his paintings are of toy soldiers.

World Aids Day Singapore: HIV - SHOW ME LOVE

SeanK’s installation shows the diversity and tolerance to people who are HIV infected and that they are among us who look like any normal human being and you will not be able to tell them apart from a crowd.

World Aids Day Singapore: HIV - SHOW ME LOVE

While Ezzam Rahman’s work is rather personal as he was inspired by a friend who might be HIV positive and he wishes he could be at his side NOW to comfort and encourage him to go through this ordeal and treatments.

World Aids Day Singapore: HIV - SHOW ME LOVE

The participating artists are:

At this art exhibition, the artists have bared their souls and personal feelings so to share their view about HIV. So come down to HIV – SHOW ME THE LOVE at Chan Hampe Galleries at 21 Tanjong Pagar Road #04-02 and Drama Center at The National Library Building at 100 Victoria Street.

Exhibition Details:

  • Chan Hampe Galleries – 24 November – 24 December 2010 . 10am – 10pm daily, except Wednesday and Public Holidays
  • Drama Center @ NLB – 2 December – 19 Deember 2010. am – 9pm daily, except Public Holidays.
  • Admission is FREE

Checkout more photos and the messages behind the works by the rest of the artists.