Homegrown author, Adeline Pang, is set to publish her first novel “And It Rained”. But unlike most authors who look for a publisher to pick up their work, she is planning to get the book crowdfunded through Kickstarter, which has launched in Singapore earlier in August.



Through the book’s personal mediation between familial and romantic love, Adeline hopes to be able to connect with like-minded people who go through the same struggles of balancing identity, family, and culture. The novel itself teeters between dreams and reality as these themes are evoked through the protagonist’s relationships.

With the Kickstarter campaign, the book’s realm is also blurred between the literary layer and the visual layer. The novel’s illustrations come to life in exclusive art pieces and enamel pins reserved for backers so that they are reminded of the continuous journey and internal battles people face everyday.

The And It Rained campaign is set to launch on the 19th of October

Excerpt from Chapter 9:

“I’m scared,” she confesses and her grandmother tells her to be strong.
“I gladly give my life for you. Wake up, it’s time. You have to go now, leave this place.”

He says urgently, “Wake up,” then he calls her name. She hears his voice before seeing his face clearly again. He covers her in a stream of words while he collapses over her weeping; the sound of her own name overflowing into his promise that it’s all okay, her soul is safe.