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Krísis Conversations: Lynn Lu and Marija Milosevska


Krisis Conversations is a series of interviews of the artists - Singaporean, British and international - who are part of the UK exhibition KRISIS. Supported by Singapore National Arts Council and Arts Council England. [...]

Treasures, histories and heritage at 222+51 arts centre


Nestled on the top floor of 222+51, the art and lifestyle centre at 222 Queen Street and 51 Waterloo Street, a mural can be found: painted in the 1960s by pupils of CHS, in what is now the Singapore Ballet Academy. Now, to celebrate the building's 80th anniversary with a beautiful link to the building's past and it's surrounding area, six new murals have been commissioned at the ground floor of 51 Waterloo Street, by artists Yip Yew Chong and Yeun Kum Cheong. [...]

The Inky Depths: Interview with Shubigi Rao


Nicola talks about meaning, medium and backstories with Shubigi Rao, who recently exhibited in Sundaram Tagore's Dear Painter and was granted the Centre for Contemporary Art 2015-2016 Artist in Residence. ‘Five Minutes With Nicola’ is a column where two artists have a conversation, to bring you the inner workings of the creative mind. [...]
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