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Alex Foo is all mirth and no matter, both the innocent flower and the serpent under it. He luxuriates in the arts and views Paradise as a life in museums, a library and the theatre.

The UOB Art Collection: Drawing from our Past, Framing our Future


The notion of corporate art feels like an unsavoury oxymoron – art that is sacred and transcendent now acquired at sky-high auction prices by ostentatious capitalists who are less concerned with matters of taste than the occupation of wall space or the decoration of a lobby. Not to mention any piece of art that ends up in private hands equates to one less piece available for public appreciation, leaving us only with paltry photographic reproductions. Yet perhaps these business monoliths have genuine good intentions in their voracious art acquisitions, and can be considered as modern day artistic patrons not unlike the Medici family or the Rothschilds. [...]

Mind Your Language


The plot of Chinglish revolves around Cleveland businessman, Mr David Cavanaugh’s (Daniel Jenkins) battered attempts at [...]
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