Award-winning IT inventor, artist, poet, composer, Lin Hsin Hsin, Singapore, was the first person in the world to create art works with a camera in June 2005, without any extra hardware and/ or software. The international Science community considered Lin Hsin Hsin a genius to make such a discovery since the iconic scientist Sir Isaac Newton. Lin Hsin Hsin can create (not just edit) In-Camera Paintings (ICP) (copyrighted name), including textures and other effects, like the art works of historical masters of various styles.

Beyond the known capabilities of the camera and the known techniques in photography, Lin Hsin Hsin can transform a photography subject into multiple unique art works which are visually different from the subject, its motion, the lighting conditions or the composition.

Section of Purple Sky, by Lin Hsin Hsin. Courtesy of Lin Hsin Hsin. Specific use only.

With a camera click and choreographed camera movements, In-Camera Paintings can be created:

  • With various colour hues and tones, e.g., full 16.7 million colours, broken, toned, blended, buildup
  • With the effects of various drawing and painting tools, painting media, paints and solvents, e.g., chalks, charcoals, pastel, crayons, graphites, pens, pencils, brushes (different animal hair and sable), pigments, acrylic, oil, ink, watercolour
  • With different brush types, e.g., pointed, dome-shaped, round, filbert, airbrush, roller, and hence various types of brush strokes, e.g., dots and planes, fine lines, broad sweep or splashes, impasto or even, discrete or continuous curvilinear lines
  • In different art styles, e.g., Cubism, Divisionism, Pointillism, Delaunay effects, Diebenkorn effects, Malevich effects, Monet effects, stipple effects, striated effects, Van Gogh effects

Artitute is privileged to have seen some of these created images. Two art pieces had been with private collectors in the European Union (EU).

Lin Hsin Hsin could create In-Camera Paintings as early as June 2005 using her first generation digital camera because this discovery is based on the scientific fundamental, light is colour. Some of these images were shown on a Channel NewsAsia interview of Lin Hsin Hsin which was broadcast on various Singapore television channels, just before the Singapore National Day Rally Prime Minister’s speech in August 2006. It was also watched by all guests at the rally, including Members of Parliament. In June 2010, she could repeat the same process on the same subject using a second generation digital camera. She presented at a conference on light, the AIC 2011 conference, in June 2011, in Zürich, Switzerland, to the amazement of about 450 Scientists, mostly Physicists. You can read her published paper from the conference proceedings.

“Science is the governor of art” — Lin Hsin Hsin

Image: Courtesy of Lin Hsin Hsin


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