An event that aim to illuminate the way for emerging youth artists,
taking place at *SCAPE with support by National Youth Council (NYC). Organised
by “The Living Project” (TLP), a new 3P (People, Public, Private) partner of
NYC and Luminance! is the prelude to SHINE Youth Festival 2012, an annual youth
event which will take place in July.

I spoken with one of the
Festival Directors, Mr Allan Lim; and I asked him about how they managed to get
sponsors to support this event. Mr Lim replied “The approach must be right,
instead of asking for cash. Asking the companies for their products is an
easier way. But ultimately, the event itself needs to have meaning as a social
platform, and let our youth artists showcase their talents. That is how we
attract vary entities to work with us.”

A total of 27 art works and performances are being showcased throughout
level 1 to 5 of *SCAPE. “Dreams and Aspirations” being the festival’s theme, is
well reflected across all the art works – installations, light
projections, sculptures and live performances.

Artitute was there during the Artists’ set up of their art works, prior
to the event. Here are some highlights.

3 oversea guest artists from Les Grands Ateliers, Lyon,
, are showcasing their works here.

Luminance! Festival 2012 - Singapore 1st Youth Light Festival
Mr Allan Lim (Festival Director) in black on the left, and 2 of the Artists from Lyon on the Right; during the media review.

Luminance! Festival 2012 - Singapore 1st Youth Light Festival
“THRIVE” by Mr Khor Tuck Kuan, one of the 3 community projects which are created from recycled materials. “THRIVE” , Orchids created with used milk bottles with assistance from Christian Outreach to the Handicapped, a charity which reaches out to the intellectually disabled.

Luminance! Festival 2012 - Singapore 1st Youth Light Festival
“Serenity” also one of the 3 community projects, by Ms Didier Ng, with the assistance of psychiatric patients rehabilitating at Simei Care Centre. Using discarded laminates to make into flowers.

Luminance! Festival 2012 - Singapore 1st Youth Light Festival
“C/C” (Clear / Colour) by Ms Angela Chong. Some of you might have seemed Ms Chong’s work at “iLight MarinaBay 2012”. You can actually sit on this light installation.

Ms Angela Chong is also one of those that shared & mentor during one of the
many “Master Class”, which is available for the Youth Artists to learn new
skill sets relating to Light installation. Luminance! provide not just a
platform to showcase but to learn and develop their talents further.

The event is funded by NYC’s Youth Development Grant, which focuses on building
the Youth’s capability and encourages social innovation. So that youth leadership
can be developed for dynamic youth and youth sector communities.

Check out more videos and photos of the artists set up and media review
event, on our Facebook page: Remember to click “Like”

There will be guided tours nightly, and performances on the 2 week ends
of the festival.

Duration: 23 June till 01 July 2012
Lights will go up from 7pm to 11pm nightly at *SCAPE
Admission to Luminance! is Free.
For more information, refer to: