Murakami, Frida, Picasso, Botero, Ai Wei Wei, these are some of the big names (and works) which you can see at the Art Stage Singapore 2011 at the Marina Bay Sands. I had concerns that Art Stage Singapore 2011 will be another copycat art fair similar to all the other big fairs which were held last year. However, I was totally wowed over and over again with every step I took as I scanned the exhibition floor during yesterday’s press preview.

Art Stage Singapore 2011
Fair Director/CEO, Lorenzo Rudolf and guests

Galleries from all over the world participated at this year’s Art Stage Singapore 2011. Although there are some repeat exhibitors from the earlier Art Singapore 2010, there were also a number of new galleries which showcased interesting works from Asia.

The first showcase that caught my attention was Liu Zhaoquan’s “World of Thousands” at the Purple Roof Art Gallery (Shanghai), Hundred of bottles filled with grotesque painted objects lined the walls in the booth giving a sense of being in a mad scientist’s laboratory.

Art Stage SIngapore 2011
Liu Zhaoquan’s “World of Thousands”

Gigantic wooden sculptures greeted me at the Asia Art Center (Taipei). You will also see ceramic and bronze sculptures by renown sculptor, Li Chen but his giant wooden sculptures dominate the booth.

Art Stage SIngapore 2011
Li Chen and his giant wooden sculptures

Over at Valentine and Willie Fine Art (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Yogyakarta and Manila) , I met artist Mella Jaarsma. She was busy arranging her installation piece, “The Followers“. 5 cloaked men stood patiently while peering out from a small opening as she adjust the arrangements of her works.

Art Stage SIngapore 2011
Mella Jaarsma and her works

Sticking out like a sore thumb among all the modern and shinning art booths is an installation piece set up by 12 (Kuala Lumpur). A wooden hut that looks like an old fashioned sundry shop is a representation of art in our everyday life and objects. Curated by Shooshie Sulaiman, titled “Kedi Runcit No.12“, 12 introduces Malaysian artists Haslin Ismail, Izat Arif and Rozana Musa. Regular sundry objects are blended together with artworks by the trio. It is an interactive piece of installation as users are invited to enter the shop and event participate by purchasing an item from the shop. Allowing them to bring home a piece of “art”.

Art Stage SIngapore 2011
12’s “Kedi Runcit No.12”

More grotesques and some nudity were spotted at Umaheni (Jakarta), oil paintings by Ronald Manullang, of Hitler reborn as a Jewish woman in a series of painting depicting Hitler going through life pregnant, birth and love. And a giant red sphere covered with hundred of skulls represents the death and sacrifices from the killing fields of Pol Pot Cambodia.

Art Stage SIngapore 2011
Ronald Manullang and his works

Apart from showcasing internationally renowned works from around the world, you can also see works by our local talents. At the Singapore Platform – Remaking Art in the Everyday, Heman Cheong, Ho Tzu Nyen, Jane Lee, Donna Ong, Ming Wong, Ian Woo, Tan Guo Liang and Zhao Renhui are our local talents whose works are showcased at the Art Stage. It’s curated by Mr Eugene Tan with the support of the National Arts Council, Singapore.

Art Stage SIngapore 2011
Zhao Renhui’s works

Art Stage Singapore 2011 has totally surpassed our expectations and raised the bar for the quality of art fairs in Singapore. Opens today and ends this Sunday, the 4 days art fair will captivate and have you yearning for more.

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